ilocki Podrum

Since the 1400's a place renown for quality wines fit for Royalty

Vina Belje

one of Croatia's largest wine producers covering a wide variety of quality wines

Misna Vina

Croatia's oldest wine region owned for centuries by the Bishops and renowned for the quality of their unique wines.

OZCRO IMPORTS bringing you the finest taste of Croatian beer, wine and spirits.

Ozcro imports is an Australian Sydney based company providing you the goods of beer, wine and spirits all the way from Croatia. 

Let your taste buds feel the years of nurtured produce and years of experience in producing some of the best beer and wines from Croatia.


A naturally brewed brandy and Liqueur grown under the Slavonian sun. Variety of flavours to choose from. 


Dating back over three centuries long, it is the first Croatian brewery based in Osijek, Osjecko pivo is a high quality pale larger beer crafted with natural ingredients and water from their own wells.